Monday, 14 November 2011

Waiting For A New Dawn

''Happiness is a Swedish sunset, it is there for all but most of us look at the other way and lose it. '' -Mark Twain

The sun begins its journey daily, going through different courses till it retires as a fair traveler in the west, yet promising a bright rise again. Known for its beauty while it paints the skies gay, it sinks to its rest. So that's how, the beauty of a sunset became my primary source of inspiration. The very thought of sunset evokes a mixture of contradicting feelings. For some, sunset is the end of the day symbolizing the end of hopes, feelings of despair while for others it's the step towards a new dawn, thus, new hopes...

Waiting for a new dawn or watching the sunset.

Just a blurred picture in my mind and an inspiration to paint sunset was all i had till i came across a friend's snapshot. It was somewhat of a silhouette, with a sunset in the background. That's how the concept of the loner happened. However, painting a loner was somewhat tricky; for one, you lack the inspiration to paint when you are in high spirits. The ideal moment to paint, remained the moments when i actually related to that feeling. At a glance at the loner, it's hard not to miss out on the way he appears to be staring vaguely, in despair and relate that 'lost' feeling. 

Picturing the loner.

The drowning sun beneath the long dark lines of mountains and clouds that have piled up, lights withdrawn, no birds in sight and the gloom of the coming night dwells on everything. Each and every element just add on to setting required to create the feel i wanted to convey.

Talking of medium used, its acrylics on paper, except for the wooden 'seat'. Its a blend of acrylic paint and colored pencils, basically done to highlight the texture of the wood. It was challenging to paint a sunset for i had to keep in mind the various blend of colors that it entails yet paint it with a fine finish.

As said before, the feelings evoked when looking at the painting of the sunset is based more on viewer's state of mind. Hence, while one individual might easily relate to the feelings of despair or loneliness and the darker sides of life; some others having an optimistic approach, might see a world of hopes even when there's none- thus, waiting for a new dawn. 

Hope you enjoyed this piece of work. Critics and comments are most welcomed. :)


  1. wow Dee you've got real talent! :) awesome!!! conveys the right feelings..

  2. Thanks for the nice comments!Deeply appreciated. :)

  3. Reminds me of sunset photograph which I like a lot! I imagine it must have been hard to work on the colours?

  4. Do share the picture with me, who knows it may serve as inspiration for another painting? ;) Not that hard, but challenging for sure. Its my first attempt to freeze a sunset image. Not perfect, but hope it'll help me get better at it next time. :)

  5. Prob is that the pic is from a photography mag and is slightly bigger than the size of an A4 paper. Otherwise I could have easily scanned it. Unless you don't mind losing part of the details?